Week 2-
Earth Sciences

July 13-18, 2020

STEM Activities- Pick One

Rain Cloud Experiment

Grow Your Own Rock Candy

Homemade Flubber
**WARNING** This project includes the use of Borax. Please use caution!

Art Activities- Pick One

Escape Room


Google Earth Scavenger Hunt
**Difficulty level can be tough for anyone under the Junior High level of learning.**

Week 2 Kids Word Search.pdf
Crossword Week 2 Earth Sciences.pdf
Week 2 Word Search.pdf
Week 2 Kids Crossword.pdf

Story Park Hike


  1. Check out a book or audiobook from the library.

  2. Hike to a shaded area at your local park - images below for ideas

  3. Read or listen to your audiobook for at least 1 hour (This will also count towards your Minutes Read).

    1. You can also bring a picnic, or make it into a themed day. Try doing one of the Art activities while you're out!

  4. Come back to the library when completed for the designated button!