Week 4

Art Projects


courtesy of Molly Moo Crafts

All you need:

  • large sheet of water color paper

  • watercolor paints

  • comic books, magazines, old picture books

  • craft glue

  • scissors

A lot of people consider Pablo Picasso the founder of collage, the art of attaching different materials to a flat surface. This particular collage is a two part process.

The first step

1. First get an oversized piece of watercolor paper. It doesn’t have to be oversized, but in this case big is really fun, plus it gives you plenty of space to work and create with.

2. Get out your favorite watercolor set and enjoy some time painting all over the paper. Pick your favorite colors or go for all the colors. Let your watercolor dry completely. If you have a sunny spot nearby, this usually takes no more than ten minutes or so.

The next part is the collaging

1. You can precut images for them. Make a bunch so they have a nice amount to choose from. You can use comic books, magazines, picture books, anything your child might find interesting.

To begin, you will need the following supplies:

  • small plastic containers to hold the paint mixture

  • Washable paint in a variety of colors

  • liquid dish soap

  • water

  • straws

  • a push pin

  • small pieces of thick paper (construction, card stock, watercolor paper)

When you look at the supply list you may be asking, “Why in the world do I need a push pin?” I like to poke a hole into the straws so that kids can’t drink the paint/bubble solution. The hole will still allow them to blow bubbles, but it will be much more difficult for kids to suck up the solution. If the thought of using tempera paint still worries you, you can do the activity with food coloring instead.


  1. Add paint to the bottom of a plastic container.

  2. Add a squirt of dish soap and filled the container with a couple of inches of water. You might have to play a little bit to get the best ratio of paint to water to soap.


The solution should be thin enough so that when the kids blow bubbles into the liquid, the bubbles expand over the top of the container. The kids can lightly press a small piece of paper over the bubbles. This leaves an interesting print on the paper. Add a variety of colors of bubbles to one piece of paper. Kids will enjoy looking at how the colors mix together on the paper.


  • Kids can learn about colors by combining different colors to create the paint/bubble solution.

  • Experiment with different kinds of straws and different types of paper.

  • Use bubble paintings to create another work of art. Cut shapes out of the paintings to use in collages and projects.

Reading Challenge

Read a book with a number in the title

Reading Activity

Read a Book that was made into a Movie.

Scavenger Hunt

4th of July Scavenger Hunt .pdf




Genre Match Up.pdf