Week 6

Art Projects

Courtesy of I Love to Create

What you need:

  • Dimensional Paint

  • Ziploc® Gallon Storage Bag

  • Printed cling pattern

  • Paper towels (for practicing and cleanup)

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Slide a pattern inside the bag, press down on bag to remove as much air as possible and zip bag closed.

  2. Remove cap and tap 3D paint on paper towel to remove any air bubbles and try a few practice squeezes on paper towel.

  3. Outline your first color for your desired cling then fill in.

  4. Repeat with other colors until entire design is filled in. Note: Make sure all colors are touching so that one piece is created when dry. Let dry completely.

  5. Once dry, peel clings from Ziploc® bag, carefully peeling away to not tear your design

Adorn all your windows with these fun designs to get you in an instant sunny mood! They also work great on mirror, car windows, and plastic and glass bottles and containers! The clings should adhere to anything with a smooth glass or plastic surface.


Courtesty of Darcie



  • 8 x 8″ Canvas

  • Washable Paint

  • Q-Tips

Step 1. To begin your dot art, pick out your colors.

Step 2. Grab a handful of Q-Tips.

Lightly dip your Q-Tip into your paint and get started.

Step 3. Get creative with your dot art! You can draw a picture out or free style it! Whatever your little artist wants to do.

Reading Challenge

Read a book that takes place during the summer.

Reading Activity

Listen to an audiobook.

Scavenger Hunt

Summer Scavenger Hunt.pdf


MAZE with Arrows-converted.pdf