Week 2

Art Projects

Water Bottle Rattle Craft

courtesy of allkidsnetwork

To make your own Water bottle Rattle craft you will need:

  • Empty plastic water bottle(label removed)

  • Stickers

  • Jingle bells

Make sure that you have an adult/supervisor to help if needed.


  1. Put a few jingle bells in the water bottle and seal it tight.

  2. Decorate the bottle with stickers.

  3. Shake!

Make Your Own Kazoo

Courtesy of crafty of homeschooled mom

To make your own kazoo you will need:

    • Toilet paper tube

    • Wax paper

    • Rubber band

    • Crayons or markers

    • Stickers

Make sure that you have an adult/ supervisor to help if needed.


  1. Decorate the toilet paper roll with crayons, markers and or stickers.

  2. Tear a piece of wax paper into a 5’’5’’ square.

  3. Place wax paper over the top of the tube and fasten tightly with rubber band. Make sure that the rubber band is not at the end of the toilet paper tube but farther down the tube to allow better vibrations to happen.

  4. Sing or talk into the kazoo! Have fun!

Reading Challenge

Read a sing along book and/or a book about a famous musician.

Experiment - Sound Song

Courtesy of emilyskodalymusic

Create your own sound song by using simple actions such as clapping, stomping, tapping the table, etc.


After creating your song with fun actions, if you would like to come into the library and share that song with us we truly would love to learn the actions with you!

Music Game: “Musical Statues”

Courtesy of empowered parents

Instructions on how to play:

  • Play music on a cd player or cell phone

  • While the music is playing, everyone dances around the room

  • Stop the music every now and then and everyone must freeze in the exact position they were dancing in when the music stopped

  • If you move, you are “out.”

    • For young children, it is lots of fun to just keep freezing without anyone going “out”

Another fun activity is sing some fun campfire songs! Below is a fun easy song that goes along with the tune “Twinkle Twinkle little star”.