Summer Reading Program 2023

Summer Reading 2023 Rules

Congratulations! You are now participating in the Colona Public Library Summer Reading Challenge!

Inside each log is a set of weekly activities without instructions on how to do each activity. That’s because the instructions will be announced at the start of each week on our website. If you can’t check our website, don’t worry – we will have physical copies ready to print on demand at the library for those who need them.

This year we have two options to record how many minutes you have read. We will have the physical copy of a reading log to where everyday minutes can be written down on the back but we will also be introducing a reading app called, Reader Zone.

 Once you have completed at least two activities, bring in your log, get it stamped by one of our librarians, and receive a weekly prize and raffle ticket. Completing ALL weekly activities gets you an extra raffle ticket as well as attending any of the programs provided by the library. We ask you to visit us weekly to collect your prizes, do not wait until the end to collect everything.

However, once you’ve completed the activities for that week, you can’t go back and get another prize for that week.

Some activities require specialty items – some of those items will be provided in your library sign up bag.

 July 27th is the last day to turn in your log with all of your contact information and all of your minutes totaled up by the end of the day. The person with the most minutes read in their age group wins the grand prize.

All winners will be announced August 7th!

For more information, give us a call at (309) 792-0548.